Ann Arbor Community Foundation NOW Accepting Applications For 2016 College Scholarships

Most AAACF Scholarship Funds use the common online application.     

Some funds have their own paper applications. For a  list of scholarships that use a paper application.

Please note that each scholarship has its own selection criteria and requirements.

To help students investigate what scholarships for which they might be eligible:  

If you have questions, please contact AAACF Community Investment Officer Maryellen Ferro.


The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation works to enrich the quality of life in our region.

  • We award more than $3 million in grants and scholarships each year.  Since 1963, AAACF has awarded nearly $40 million in grants and scholarships that have made a meaningful difference in the arts, education, the environment, health and human services, seniors, and youth programs.”

Sleep: Its Crucial For Mental Health

Community Forum on The Importance of Sleep  What’s the recommended amount of sleep you should get every night? Compare that to how much sleep you actually get. Are you crossing over into sleep deprivation or insomnia territory? If so, what’s the impact on your health? Are you leaving your brain as well as your body vulnerable to poor health? Come hear the experts explain the connection between sleep deprivation, depression and other mental illnesses. Learn how to get a better night’s sleep to improve your mood, and guard your mental and physical health.

Speaker: Deirdre Conroy, PhD, Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program, University of Michigan

Panelists: Brian Pearson, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Clinical Director Still Waters Counseling; Kim Bryant, Assistant Director, Undergraduate Admissions, University of Michigan; Shelley Hershner, MD, Assistant Professor, Department of Neurology and Director, Collegiate Sleep Disorders Clinic, University of Michigan.


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Liberty School Media Center

7265 Ann Arbor Street, Saline

Bright Nights

U of M Black Alumni Scholarship Dinner & Awards Ceremony

Um bk alumni awards dinner

“You’ve been waiting, and it’s now here. Go check out the details for this year’s Homecoming and buy your ticket’s now!”
Nadia Arielle

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