Tastefully Healthy: Don’t Quit Now…A Quick And Easy Super Bowl Recipe

Angus Avocado Sliders

Angus Avocado Sliders

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching marking the time of the year when many remaining New-Year-Resolution-making health nuts drop off the map. You know the time, when your body is achy from working out,  you don’t want to get out of bed and well, one more cookie won’t hurt right? My friends, I encourage you to put the cookie down, get out of bed, and remind your sore body why you decided to change your life in the first place. In my first post, I spoke on the ability to still enjoy eating but just make healthier, smarter choices about what you put in your mouth. Here’s a good question to ask yourself, “Is what I want to eat going to get me closer to my goal or further from it?” So now we have the Super Bowl with all its temptations. It’s making a lot of you nervous about cheating on your fresh “new-tritional” goals. You’re going to be surrounded by treats from burgers to cake to beer. Yes, beer is a treat! Remember, no matter what you eat on one day, you need to get right back to your clean nutrition the next. It is important to note that portion control is key. Having ONE burger during a game day party isn’t horrible. Having three, with chips, soda, cake, and whatever else you get your hands on, could be a problem. If you’re the chef for the big game, you may wonder, “How can I make party food that people won’t hate, because I chose to eat better…” Clean eating doesn’t always mean going straight to ground turkey all of the time. It can mean increasing the quality of the foods you eat. Ladies and gentleman I present to you my Angus Avocado Sliders. These little knockouts are made featuring sourdough bread topped with an avocado and orange bell pepper mash, covered with a 5-year aged Wisconsin cheddar. I am going to show you the basic ingredients I use but you can customize this recipe. These are easy to make in a short amount of time.

Angus Avocado Sliders

1 lb. Angus Beef

3 bell peppers (any color variety)

3  Avocados

1/4 lb. 5-year Aged Wisconsin Cheddar

1 loaf of Sourdough

1 lemon

1 – Season your meat accordingly and  form little patties no bigger than the palm of your hand. Cook until the internal temperature is above 165 degrees.

2 – Chop your bell peppers into little chunks; do the same with the avocado. Combine into a bowl and squeeze some lemon into it and slowly stir. The lemon will keep the avocado from turning brown. If you put too much lemon in and the taste is too strong, add a pinch of table salt and garlic powder.

3 –  Preheat your oven to 225 degrees. For your bread you can either toast lightly first or leave it plain. I chose sourdough because it is hearty and I didn’t want to toast everything first. Put the your bell pepper avocado combo on the bread, then add your meat and top it all off with a slice of cheese.

4 –  Put on a cookie sheet and pop them into the oven until the cheese melts.

5 –  Pull them out, plate them up and eat.

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The fitness community is waiting for YOU. 

If you have a question, suggestion or feedback for Zach, please share it in the comments section.

The views, opinions and recommendations expressed by guest columnists are not necessarily those of AnotherAnnArbor.org.   “Tastefully Healthy” shares tips and information meant to be used in consultation with a health care professional. This information does not represent, or replace, medical advice.  

Ann Arbor Community Foundation NOW Accepting Applications For 2016 College Scholarships

Most AAACF Scholarship Funds use the common online application.     

Some funds have their own paper applications. For a  list of scholarships that use a paper application.

Please note that each scholarship has its own selection criteria and requirements.

To help students investigate what scholarships for which they might be eligible:  

If you have questions, please contact AAACF Community Investment Officer Maryellen Ferro.


The Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation works to enrich the quality of life in our region.

  • We award more than $3 million in grants and scholarships each year.  Since 1963, AAACF has awarded nearly $40 million in grants and scholarships that have made a meaningful difference in the arts, education, the environment, health and human services, seniors, and youth programs.”  www.aaacf.org

Kathie Dones-Carson, Esq. makes her transition after her long battle with Sarcoidosis

Mrs. Kathie Dones-Carson

Mrs. Kathie Dones-Carson

Kathie Dones-Carson has made her transition after a long battle with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease that frequently affects African American women. Mrs. Dones-Carson was very active in her University of Michigan, Detroit and Flint communities. She was a well respected public servant who kept the concerns of African Americans close to her heart. She was also a life-long learner who enjoyed taking extension classes at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and wherever her curiosity and thirst for knowledge led her. Our condolences go out to the host of family and friends who love her, with sincere sympathy to her husband Kenneth and a sister, Jenni Dones, formerly of the NEW Center in Ann Arbor. Here is her obituary which from the Flint Journal.

Mrs. Kathie Dones-Carson, Age 64, passed away on January 3, 2016 at Hurley Medical Center. A Celebration service and dinner will take place from 5:30 p.m. 11 p.m. Saturday, January 23, 2016 at St. George Banquet Center, G-5191 Lennon Rd. Kathie was born May 28, 1951 and grew up in Flint, Michigan. She earned baccalaureate and law degrees from the University of Michigan and Wayne State University. Mrs. Dones-Carson worked for nearly two decades in municipal government. She served as Deputy Ombudsman for the City of Flint, the Director of Research and Analysis-Chief Legal Counsel for Detroit City Council, as President and CEO at Detroit Black Chamber of Commerce and was founder and Managing Member at Executive Services Group, LLC. Kathie served on boards of directors for numerous community organizations. Mrs. Dones-Carson was preceded in death by her mother, Edwyna Anderson; father, Kenneth Dones; step-father, Andy Anderson; mother-in-law, Alberta Carson; and many beloved relatives. Left to mourn her are her husband, Russell; daughter Kori; son, Russell, Jr.; sister, Jenni; brother-in-law, Robert (Verniece) Williams; nieces, Gene, Lorinda and Micah; nephews, Marc, Dandr, Robert Jr. and, Jovan; grandchildren, Kai, Zaji, Paris, Kamille, Tyler, Kansas, and Charleston; “sister of the heart” Sheila Wilson; also numerous aunts, uncles, cousins, dear friends, neighborhood family, and associates throughout the country mourn her passing. In lieu of flowers, the family requests that donations be made in Kathie’s name to: Foundation for Sarcoidosis Research, 1820 W. Webster Ave Suite 304, Chicago, Illinois 60614 or at: https://www.stopsarcoidosis.org/. For more information about Kathie and/or her Celebration, please visit http://kathiedones-carson.com.  Obituary published in the Flint Journal.



District Wide Black Parent Student Support Group

District Wide Black Parents Student Support GroupAll High School Juniors will have to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Now there is a portal to help students prepare. Two wonderful presentations were given to parents at Clague Middle School to increase awareness in African American communities and throughout the city of Ann Arbor: 1) SAT presentation by two Media Specialists from Huron and Community High Schools and 2) KAPPA Leadership League for African American Males presented to their students in grades 9 & 10. For more information on how to connect with this program, please contact the President of the District Wide Black Parent Student Support Group of Ann Arbor (DWBPSSG) at 734- 972-0902.

Submitted by Whitsitt.

Tastefully Healthy: Tips For Your New Year New-trition

Food & Nutrition Enthusiast  Another Ann Arbor Contributor

Food & Nutrition Enthusiast
Another Ann Arbor Contributor

      The New Year creates in us a spark of hope that we will conquer our bad eating habits. For most of us, this spark flickers out on January 31st as we slyly slip into the drive-thru of our favorite fast food joint, hoping no one will remember our New Year’s Resolution posts on Facebook just 30 days prior.  No shaming here as I have done this countless times and after a while I had to consider why. One of the primary reasons was because fast food was cheap. Although hailing from California, the land of healthy alternatives, I found myself on more than one occasion succumbing to the temptation of the dollar cheeseburger. I reasoned that I had more money to put into my gas tank. Sometimes this was true, and sometimes it meant more cheeseburgers. Have no fear New Year hopefuls, as there are ways to keep money in your pocket and improve your nutrition.

    Before I begin, I need to correct a mindset. The first thing we think when hear the word “diet” is “what can I not eat?” Banish that mentality. I found that the key is to focus on what you can eat, and how to keep it interesting. This keeps your mind wanting to explore possibilities rather than focus on limitations.

   Today we start with snacks. I constantly snack. Before I started taking my nutrition seriously, I consumed copious amounts of doughnuts, candy, chips, soda, etc. I really didn’t consider it a problem until I started training and working out. What I was consuming was not giving me what I needed to perform and that frustrated me to no end.  If you keep the idea in your mind that what you eat will either get you closer to or farther from your goal, it will become much easier to watch what you put in your mouth.

Our snack of choice today is apple chips. Simple, yet versatile depending on how you want to flavor them or what you want to pair them with. Cinnamon and apples are a timeless choice so we will start there, but don’t hold back on experimenting with other seasonings like lemon peel, sage, and sea salt. Also keep in mind that these instructions are for an oven, since I do not own a food dehydrator yet.

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Prep Time: 5 min.

Cooking time: 1 ½- 2 hours

Apple on plate with kniveZach's Sliced ApplsZach's Apple Crisps

1)      Pre-heat oven to 225 degrees.

2)      Slice apple into thin slivers. Thin slices yield crunchier chips. Thicker slices give you apple chews. 

3)      Place apples on baking sheet

4)      Sprinkle with cinnamon.

5)      Place in oven and “bake” for 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cooling allows for the chips to get crunchy. Enjoy on their own or with some almond butter. Store leftovers in a plastic bag.

If you like what you’ve read, leave me a comment, suggest a food or nutrition topic, or share a nutritious recipe.  If you’re on Instagram, follow me at @zach_sws.


Another Ann Arbor introduces new Food & Nutrition Column

Tastefully Healthy


The statistics are clear: 57.6% of African American women are obese, 39.9-44.5% of African American adults have high blood pressure; and 14.6% of us are in poor health. While we can’t cure all the factors contributing to statistics like these, we can improve our personal health habits. In the spirit of that effort, we’re introducing “Tastefully Healthy”, our new food and nutrition column. Its written from the perspective of a foodie who likes to cook and eat good food, as well as research and study the history of healthy ingredients and spices.  

Meet Zach Van Buren, Food & Nutrition Enthusiast, Artist, and now… Another Ann Arbor Contributing Columnist!

Here’s Zach’s background, in his own words….

“I’m a student of life who, while researching ways to reach my own health and fitness goals, began helping others do the same. This California-hailing fitness enthusiast and foodie is constantly finding ways to make having a sound, nutritional life, as productive and enjoyable as possible.” -ZVB-

 Zach's Instagram full shot

Zach is on a path to improve his health this year. We welcome you on this journey.


County “Giants” announced for 2016 “History Alive” Theatrical Production

ATAMI Opens Up Youth Registration and Announces their 2016 History Alive Giants: Mrs. Lola Jones & Mr. John Barfield, Sr.

 Each year All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc. presents the program History Alive: Standing on the Shoulders of GiantsThis theatrical experience ”trains area youth in spiritual character building, music, dance and acting to present the lives of local African American history makers who are “Giants” in the community.” This educational arts course culminates in “a stage play depicting the lives of our Giants.”  

“Our Arts education program includes classes in various creative media to teach our students to perform their artistic talents skillfully to the glory of God. Course include weekly instruction in instrumental and vocal music, dance, drama/acting, fine arts (e.g., drawing, painting, sculpting), photography and videography.” 

This program is open to youth from 5th through 12th grades, and begins on January 23, 2016. Online registration is now open. Go to the Events Page of ataminc.com

To see scenes from the 2015 Giants production go to:  ataminc.com

We are excited to announce our 2016 Giants!

Mrs. Lola Jones is a long-time chronicler of African American History in Washtenaw County. In 1984, she founded Another Ann Arbor, a 501(c)3 non-profit, which conveys the culture, concerns, news and history of African Americans living in Washtenaw County. Jones has produced talk shows, documentaries and books which preserve Black, county history. She has partnered with other organizations to support the education of our youth in STEM, computer literacy and television production.


Mr. BarfieldSr. 

Mr. John W, Barfield is a successful entrepreneur and philanthropist who went from working as a janitor to living the American Dream of a billionaire businessman. Barfield opened his first company, J & B Cleaning, in Ypsilanti, with his wife, Betty, in 1954. Mr. Barfield went on to found many companies including The Bartech Group Inc., a leading workforce management and staffing provider to Global 500 firms.  Today, Bartech employs more than 3,000 people, and manages approximately 26,000 contract workers worldwide. Barfield, now retired, is considered one of General Motors must successful minority suppliers.


Please Save-the-Date: Sunday, May 1, 2016 for the production,Standing on the Shoulders of Giants,” in Towsley Auditorium, Morris Lawrence Building, Washtenaw Community College.


A Remembrance of Dean Valener L. Perry from the U of M College of Pharmacy

Remembering Dean Valener L. Perry

DECEMBER 21, 2015

A memorial service in Dean Perry’s honor will be held on December 30, 2015, at 11 a.m. at the New Hope Baptist Church, 218 Chapin St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

Valener L. Perry, a driving force in student recruitment, admissions, and retention at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy for 40 years, died on Dec. 20, 2015 in Almo, KY. She was 66.

The cause was complications from cancer, her family said.

Perry came to the College of Pharmacy in 1972, shortly after earning an MS in counseling from the University of Michigan. She retired from the College of Pharmacy and the University in June 2012.

At the time she joined the College, the University had made a commitment to improve its minority student recruitment. Within two years of her arrival, the College met and exceeded its commitment to have a minimum 10 percent minority student undergraduate enrollment.

Perry’s role grew and she became the principal recruiter and counselor to all pharmacy students, not just minority students. In 1988, Perry was promoted to assistant dean for student services, a position she held until her retirement in fall 2012. She served on multiple University committees and advisory groups in the area of admissions, academic affairs, and minority recruitment. She also served several terms on a University body that reviewed and advised on employee grievance issues.

Her career included many professional accolades, including the most esteemed staff awards that the University confers. In July 2005, Perry received the University’s prestigious Distinguished Service Award, the highest staff honor that the University bestows and the first ever given to a College of Pharmacy employee. Seven months later, Perry received the University’s Woman of the Year Award, presented by the University’s Women of Color Task Force. The award singles out staff and faculty women of color who have made outstanding contributions in the areas of leadership and community service.

Perry was the college’s undisputed champion saleswoman and counselor, and the number one ambassador in all things College related. Hers was the almost always the first voice and face students encountered when they expressed an interest in a Michigan Pharmacy degree, and that same face and voice beamed parental pride when students crossed the stage at each commencement.

She had an extraordinary capacity for remembering not only the names, academic records, and life details of hundreds of current students, she also knew details about each student’s family and the names and health status of students’ parents and siblings. But it didn’t stop there. Perry could recall the single and married names and life details of alumni reaching back to her earliest days at the College.

She was always first in line to comfort and console students in pain; and also first in line to hold them accountable when she felt they were not putting forth their very best.

To honor the great life and countless achievements of Perry, students, alumni, colleagues, family, and friends established the Dean V.L. Perry Scholarship Fund in 2012. In lieu of flowers, Dean Perry’s family has requested that alumni and friends make a donation to the Dean V.L. Perry Scholarship Fund at the University of Michigan College of Pharmacy: pharmacy.umich.edu/VLPfund. A memorial service in her honor will be held on December 30, at 11 a.m. at the New Hope Baptist Church, 218 Chapin St, Ann Arbor, MI 48103.

Surviving Dean Perry are: husband Charles E Oliver, daughter Valener A. Oliver; granddaughter L’Niyah Oliver; sisters: Rosalind W Heningburg (Keith) of Elk Grove, Calif.; Angela O. Perry of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Risa D. Perry of Almo Ky.; brother: Ottie Perry Jr. (Beverly) of Chandler Ariz.; aunt Cora Robinson of Nashville Tenn.; a host of nieces and nephews; many great nieces, nephews, and cousins; and innumerable friends and former students worldwide.

John E. Lawrence presents the “Magic of Christmas” Holiday Concert

image.jpg“Magic of Christmas” is a holiday concert presented by master guitarist, John E Lawrence, and featuring the Power Band, with special guests. Tickets are $25.00. The show runs from 7-9pm in the Towsley Auditorium, at the Morris Lawrence Building, of Washtenaw Community College. All proceeds benefit the children’s programming of *All Things Artistic Ministries, Inc.     
This Saturday’s concert will be a homecoming of sorts for Lawrence, who retired last year as the former Director of Music Performance, at Washtenaw Community College. Come out and catch up with John E. Lawrence and his Power Band!

*ATAMI produces “Standing On The Shoulders of Giants,” a yearly, children’s theatrical production, based on the lives of different, local, African American leaders. 

image.jpg (230 KB)

The Ann Arbor (MI) Chapter of The Links, Inc. Supports Local Early Childhood Literacy Program

Kimmie Horne performs with her band at the Ann Arbor Links fundraiser

Kimmie Horne performs with her band at the Ann Arbor Links fundraiser

The Ann Arbor Chapter of The Links, Incorporated raised over $20,000 through its fundraiser: An Elegant Summer Evening, held at the Polo Fields of Ann Arbor, on August 23rd.

The proceeds will mainly benefit the Washtenaw County Imagination Library. The library provides free books, monthly, to children up to five years old, living in the 48197 and 48198 zip codes. Over 1000 children are currently being served by this program.

The Ann Arbor Chapter of The Links, Incorporated has been serving Washtenaw County for 36 years, providing programming in the area of Services To Youth, The Arts, National Trends, International Trends, and Health and Human Services. For more information go to www.annarborchapterlinks.com

Press Release regarding the Ann Arbor Links’ successful summer fundraiser.


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