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Historically Black College Scholarships

FastWeb is a free scholarship search service, it helps students in choosing a college, paying for college and finding jobs during and after college. It’s recommended by more than 18,000 guidance counselors and financial aid officers, FastWeb is the most trusted college resource on the Web. Last year, one of three college-bound high school seniors used the site, and more than 21 million students have used FastWeb since its launch in 1995.

Other Resources

Black Excel
“A resource for all, especially African-American families and first-generation college students.” A non-profit organizations and publisher of the African American Student’s College Guide

Top Historically Black Colleges – US

In the United States, colleges and universities dedicated to black students have existed since the 19th century. Such schools would come to be known as historically black colleges and universities, or HBCUs for short. Today, over 100 U.S. colleges and universities identify as HBCUs. Using an established rankings methodology, and factoring in the average SAT and ACT scores of each school’s incoming class, Best assessed the merits of all 104 schools and created a list of the top 30. The schools on this list are as well regarded for their academic rigor as they are for their commitment to the ambitions and accomplishments of black citizens and their communities.

The Neutral Zone
The Neutral Zone is a youth-oriented, youth-advised place which offers a fun, entertaining, safe environment for teenagers to meet with friends and meet new people, learn new things and satisfy their need for a home away from home; a place to call their own during high risk hours. They offer a page full of youth programs offered in the area and other areas.

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