Financial Contributions

This portion is the easiest to explain and the hardest to do. Nobody likes asking for money, and generally we don’t trust people that ask us for money. That said, being a nonprofit organization, we depend on your contributions in order to keep operating, so we hope we’ve earned your trust, and you will consider giving to Another Ann Arbor.

 Our program for financial contributions allows you to give a donation directly to the organization. This will pay for operating costs that include maintaining the web site, administration, and materials like paper and printing.  It will also pay for the cost of the newsletter, building press relations, and the other activities an organization needs to do to stay in existence. To donate directly to Another Ann Arbor, simply click on the button below and you will be taken to a web site that processes online donations. Don’t be alarmed that it’s a different web site. is highly regarded and has the ability process donations- which A3 can’t afford to do. Your donation will be received, welcomed, and appreciated. Thank you.

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