Tastefully Healthy: Tips For Your New Year New-trition

Food & Nutrition Enthusiast  Another Ann Arbor Contributor

Food & Nutrition Enthusiast
Another Ann Arbor Contributor

      The New Year creates in us a spark of hope that we will conquer our bad eating habits. For most of us, this spark flickers out on January 31st as we slyly slip into the drive-thru of our favorite fast food joint, hoping no one will remember our New Year’s Resolution posts on Facebook just 30 days prior.  No shaming here as I have done this countless times and after a while I had to consider why. One of the primary reasons was because fast food was cheap. Although hailing from California, the land of healthy alternatives, I found myself on more than one occasion succumbing to the temptation of the dollar cheeseburger. I reasoned that I had more money to put into my gas tank. Sometimes this was true, and sometimes it meant more cheeseburgers. Have no fear New Year hopefuls, as there are ways to keep money in your pocket and improve your nutrition.

    Before I begin, I need to correct a mindset. The first thing we think when hear the word “diet” is “what can I not eat?” Banish that mentality. I found that the key is to focus on what you can eat, and how to keep it interesting. This keeps your mind wanting to explore possibilities rather than focus on limitations.

   Today we start with snacks. I constantly snack. Before I started taking my nutrition seriously, I consumed copious amounts of doughnuts, candy, chips, soda, etc. I really didn’t consider it a problem until I started training and working out. What I was consuming was not giving me what I needed to perform and that frustrated me to no end.  If you keep the idea in your mind that what you eat will either get you closer to or farther from your goal, it will become much easier to watch what you put in your mouth.

Our snack of choice today is apple chips. Simple, yet versatile depending on how you want to flavor them or what you want to pair them with. Cinnamon and apples are a timeless choice so we will start there, but don’t hold back on experimenting with other seasonings like lemon peel, sage, and sea salt. Also keep in mind that these instructions are for an oven, since I do not own a food dehydrator yet.

Cinnamon Apple Chips

Prep Time: 5 min.

Cooking time: 1 ½- 2 hours

Apple on plate with kniveZach's Sliced ApplsZach's Apple Crisps

1)      Pre-heat oven to 225 degrees.

2)      Slice apple into thin slivers. Thin slices yield crunchier chips. Thicker slices give you apple chews. 

3)      Place apples on baking sheet

4)      Sprinkle with cinnamon.

5)      Place in oven and “bake” for 1 ½ – 2 hours.

Remove from oven and allow to cool. Cooling allows for the chips to get crunchy. Enjoy on their own or with some almond butter. Store leftovers in a plastic bag.

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