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Tastefully Healthy


The statistics are clear: 57.6% of African American women are obese, 39.9-44.5% of African American adults have high blood pressure; and 14.6% of us are in poor health. While we can’t cure all the factors contributing to statistics like these, we can improve our personal health habits. In the spirit of that effort, we’re introducing “Tastefully Healthy”, our new food and nutrition column. Its written from the perspective of a foodie who likes to cook and eat good food, as well as research and study the history of healthy ingredients and spices.  

Meet Zach Van Buren, Food & Nutrition Enthusiast, Artist, and now… Another Ann Arbor Contributing Columnist!

Here’s Zach’s background, in his own words….

“I’m a student of life who, while researching ways to reach my own health and fitness goals, began helping others do the same. This California-hailing fitness enthusiast and foodie is constantly finding ways to make having a sound, nutritional life, as productive and enjoyable as possible.” -ZVB-

 Zach's Instagram full shot

Zach is on a path to improve his health this year. We welcome you on this journey.


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