Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation: $1000 grants awarded regularly for ‘awesome’ projects in Washtenaw County!!

Ann Arbor is now home to a branch of the Boston-based micro-philanthropic organization –The Awesome Foundation. Called A2Awesome, the group will be meeting… [more]

Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation:  $1000 grants awarded regularly for ‘awesome’ projects in Washtenaw County!! Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation:  $1000 grants awarded regularly for 'awesome' projects in Washtenaw County!!

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We are excited to share our new website with you! We hope you enjoy the new design and upgraded features. Please take a look around… [more]

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Learn about our educational programs and resources for the African American community in Washtenaw County.… [more]

Educational Programs & Resources Educational Programs & Resources

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Check out our calendar to submit your event or find out about upcoming local events of interest to African Americans in Washtenaw County.… [more]

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Please consider making a financial contribution or donating your time to Another Ann Arbor. Click here to find out how you can contribute.… [more]

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Visit our business directory to search for local businesses, churches, and community organizations of interest to African Americans in Washtenaw County.… [more]

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Angus Avocado Sliders

Tastefully Healthy: Don’t Quit Now…A Quick And Easy Super Bowl Recipe

The Super Bowl is rapidly approaching marking the time of the year when many remaining New-Year-Resolution-making health nuts drop off the map. You know the time, when your body is achy from working out,  you don't want to get out of bed and well, one more cookie won't hurt right? My friends, I encourage you to put the cookie down, get out of bed, and remind your sore body why you decided to change your life in the first place. In my first post, I spoke on the ability to still enjoy eating but … [Read More...]

A2 Area Comm Fdn 2016 Scholarship deadline

Ann Arbor Community Foundation NOW Accepting Applications For 2016 College Scholarships

            Each year, AAACF Scholarship Funds award more than 150 scholarships to local area students.This year, applications are due March 15, 2016 unless otherwise noted.  Most AAACF Scholarship Funds use the common online application.     For African-American students . . .To research any and all scholarships for which you  might be eligible, please see a complete listing of all AAACF Scholarship Funds. Some funds have their own paper applications. For a  list of scholarships that use a … [Read More...]

Mrs. Kathie Dones-Carson

Kathie Dones-Carson, Esq. makes her transition after her long battle with Sarcoidosis

Kathie Dones-Carson has made her transition after a long battle with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease that frequently affects African American women. Mrs. Dones-Carson was very active in her University of Michigan, Detroit and Flint communities. She was a well respected public servant who kept the concerns of African Americans close to her heart. She was also a life-long learner who enjoyed taking extension classes at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, and wherever her curiosity and … [Read More...]

District Wide Black Parents Student Support Group

District Wide Black Parent Student Support Group

All High School Juniors will have to take the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test). Now there is a portal to help students prepare. Two wonderful presentations were given to parents at Clague Middle School to increase awareness in African American communities and throughout the city of Ann Arbor: 1) SAT presentation by two Media Specialists from Huron and Community High Schools and 2) KAPPA Leadership League for African American Males presented to their students in grades 9 & 10. For more … [Read More...]

Zach's Apple Crisps

Tastefully Healthy: Tips For Your New Year New-trition

      The New Year creates in us a spark of hope that we will conquer our bad eating habits. For most of us, this spark flickers out on January 31st as we slyly slip into the drive-thru of our favorite fast food joint, hoping no one will remember our New Year’s Resolution posts on Facebook just 30 days prior.  No shaming here as I have done this countless times and after a while I had to consider why. One of the primary reasons was because fast food was cheap. Although hailing from California, … [Read More...]

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